Triple Shooters Dart League
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UPDATED 9/7/14

The new TSDL season resumes on
saturday Oct 4th, 4pm with our
annual draft and shoot. Our shooters
for this year will be as follows:

Tom Boyst    Steven Lucera
Gary Nugent        Jim McCuen
Lou DiMichele        Ray Sankowski
Bob Denver        Josh Mowery
Paul Peterson        Chris Nugent
Mike Lucera Jr        Jim Mattock
John Lucera        Jay Peter
Carl Niblick        Mike Rorer
Ken Hanisco        Vince Lucera
Mike Darrah        Ed Rorer
Mike Lucera        Andrew Santglo
Jeff Wynkoop        Pat McMahan
Mike McLaughlin        AJ Strausser
Chris Reinecke        Bob Harris
George Rose        Tom Hayes
Anthony D'ambra        Frank Watkins

Waiting List
Mike Peter        Mike Peter Jr
Marilyn Peter        Joe Nugent
John McCuen        Tim Rhinehart
Nick Shirey

If openings should occur, ill contact
these people
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2013-14  TSDL CHAMPS
Phuck Yo Block

Bill Dieterle, Carl Niblick,
Pat McMahan, Andrew
2012-13 Season

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2013-14 Current Season
TSDL League President - Gary Nugent
TSDL Treasurer - Edward Rorer
2013-14 Natl Conf All-Stars

Tom Boyst - Bob Denver -
Gary Nugent - Jim McCuen -
Ray Sankowski

2013-14 Amer Conf All-Stars

Jay Peter - Ed Rorer - Ken Hanisco
- Carl Niblick - Mike Darrah